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 This outfit may not be as FALL as you expect, but the weather this weekend was asking for a "Summer" look.  I'm a fan of prints on more prints! As you can see, I mixed the different prints of Finders Keepers on this outfit, and absolutely loved the result.  When you combine prints with more prints you have to be mindful because it may look too busy, but when you match the right prints it can result in a successful outfit. When mixing prints you have to be careful of two things: the colors and the texture. For example, when mixing colors you should mix primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) with secondary colors (green, orange and purple) and try to avoid primary colors with other primary colors or secondary colors with other secondary colors. The texture is also important because when wearing two complex pieces you should be aware that the textures are similar in order for them to blend as one complete look. For example, lines with florals are always a good way to start because you are combining simple pieces with complicated pieces.

This skirt can be used in multiple ways, such as combining it with a black simple top and heels for a night out. Remember to always have fun with your outfits and don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, something beautiful can happen! Hope you enjoyed it, and a special thanks to Collective Request for the beautiful outfit!


Love <3 M!

Seen it All Skirt from Finders Keepers (Collective Request)

Stranger Times Tee from Finders Keepers (Collective Request) 

Runaway Luxe Glasses (Collective Request)