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Ok, so it might sound cliché, but one can truly never go wrong with a little black dress, it will never be out of style. The actual style of the dress obviously changes over time, but the big-picture idea of the little black dress? Never. I myself own like 3 different black dresses, all in different styles. For this look, I decided to wear this beautiful, slit black dress. I think it accurately portrays the reinvention of the little black dress that I just mentioned, and how it evolves in style over time. It is both classy and sexy, and who doesn't want that? Plus, I feel comfortable in it. One of the most important things about personal style and fashion is to feel comfortable in the clothes you're wearing. It's not entirely about how the outfit in itself, but how you carry it. You have to own it, and that will definitely make others stop and stare. Anyway, back to the little black dress. I think one of the main reasons that it is such an all-time classic is that you can ALWAYS give it a little twist, any way you like. In this case, I found this red vintage purse in my mom's closet and I just had to have it - I love all things vintage. So remember ladies, when in doubt, just put on that little black dress of yours, give it a twist, and OWN IT! This way, I guarantee you'll make it stand out, because, as Kate Moss once said: BLACK is the new black. Xoxo, M!

Dress is from Nasty Gal

Shoes are from Zara (Similar here)

Purse is vintage Monet

The rosary necklace is a vintage piece from the 60's that belonged to my grandmother. 

Images by Claudia Rubín