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My closet loves fall: the season were you can wear cute sweaters but at the same time shorts and sandals. In DC weather is so bipolar that some days I am wearing maxi dresses with sandals, and other days, jeans and boots. It’s the best!  You can mix and match your winter closet with your summer closet. For this outfit I decided to pair two of my favorite Suno pieces: these printed pants, with my beaded top. This black Philip Lim purse is perfect. It's so practical and elegant at the same time! And of course, my black flatforms were just the perfect shoes for this outfit. Ladies, when wearing prints in your outfits remember to always keep the accessories simple, but when it is intricate as this outfit, keep it simple and subtle. And special thanks to Olivia Boutique for always making me feel so amazing!

Hope you enjoy   <3 <3 M!

        Beaded Top with Shoulder Closure SUNO (Olivia Boutique)  

Black and White Printed Trousers SUNO (Olivia Boutique)

Philip Lim Purse (Olivia Boutique)

Asos Flatforms 

Images by Claudia Rubín